Get Your Charolais Beef

Charolais beef has long been a cornerstone of commercial beef production in retail and fine dining – but unless you are purchasing directly from a Charolais producer you wouldn’t know it.

Discover ranchers who dedicate themselves to raising Charolais cattle, each with their unique approach rooted in the ethos of family, land, sustainability, and optimized care.

Whether purebred or crossbred, Charolais producers contribute to the rich tapestry of non-Angus boxed and freezer beef.

Stay tuned for updates on our evolving landscape, a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence in Charolais beef – where each bite is not just a flavor, but a celebration of heritage, sustainability, and the passion of the individuals behind the beef.

back side and front view of charolais

Locate Charolais Near You

2H Cattle Company

Grove City, MN


8 Story Farms Beef

Altamont, MO

Ascherman Farm

Carthage, MO

Boyd and Mary Gigax

Hayes Center, Nebraska


Phone: (308) 883-3461

Christensen Charolais Ranch

Wessington Springs, SD


Down E. Farms, Inc.

Hope, IN


Highview Farms

J/K Charolais Ranch

John and Kaylen Kessler

Glen Ullin, ND


Krug Charolais

Wingate, IN


Legacy Custom Meat Processing

La Grange, Texas

Long Hall Cattle

Hillsboro, OH & Maysville, KY


L.V. Cattle Company

Mountain Grove, MO

Martin Charolais Farm

Fallston, NC

R Lazy B Ranch, Inc

Nome, ND

Reclaimed Tavern

Stanley, WI
Supplier: J/K Charolais Ranch Beef

Bar and Grill

Schrader Ranch

Spring Valley Ranches - Hann Family

Gause, TX

The UpperCut KC

Wright Charolais
Kearney, MO

Meat Market

Twisted V Ranch

Wakefield Farms

New Richland, MN


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