Discover the Charolais Beef Difference

Enjoy savory, full-bodied flavor without compromise

Charolais (pronounced Shar·lay) cattle,

among the top 5 most popular beef breeds in the United States, instantly recognizable by their distinct white coats. Chances are, Charolais beef has already been part of your BBQing, family dining and steakhouse traditions. Because beef products on your grocery store shelf aren’t always labeled according to breed, you wouldn’t know that you’ve already been enjoying it!

the Charolais mission

Our mission is to share the story of Charolais ranchers and the uniqueness of this unsung breed. Offering a nutritious and flavorful alternative to more familiar mainstream breeds, Charolais beef promises an eating experience like no other.

Charolais in Pasture
sliced steak

The Charolais Culinary Experience

Elevate your dining by choosing Charolais beef, available from exclusively sourced breed-specific ranchers with generations of cattle. Each cut contains the richness of French heritage married with the enduring legacy of U.S. beef, where quality meets sustainability. In a market brimming with choices, the Charolais flavor profile emerges as a distinctive and memorable standout you and your family won’t soon forget.

The Charolais Commitment

At the heart of every cattle rancher is a shared passion for exceptional meat and a deep commitment to preserving the breathtaking landscapes they steward. The Charolais breed stands out for its optimal beef breeding geared towards quality production boasting strong muscling and unparalleled efficiency that minimizes wastage.

The Charolais breed is celebrated for its superior beef production, characterized by strong muscling and efficiency in converting grasses, byproducts and other staples into a sustainable and flavorful meat.

Discover the Charolais advantage

Where quality meat meets sustainable ranching practices. Discover both tradition and innovation in the pursuit of superior beef and a healthier planet.